Nitro Snails

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April 07, 2022 – April 14, 2022



Nitro Snails are a collection of 10,000 programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Official Start: April 7th/2022.

As soon as the NitroSnails found their Masters, they will transform from normal looking snails into Nitro racing Snails and we will store a certain amount of Nitro Token for you! Every NitroSnail will be ready to race and earn more Nitro Tokens for you, once the racetrack grand opening in the metaverse. Nitro Tokens are what gives every NitroSnails owner revenue. NitroSnails can have different traits such as exhausts, helmets, bling bling, glasses, trophies and colors too. The amount of Tokens you will get, depends on the Snail(s) you own. Yes! All original NitroSnails come with a certain amount of tokens. You will get Nitro Tokens even if your Snails are not participating in any metaverse race. You just need to own them. Of cause the best NitroSnails will get you the most Token. 

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