Hot Potadough

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May 20, 2022 – May 27, 2022





Hot Potadough 7777 omnichain NFT Free Mint for WL members 0.0777 ETH for public

Artwork by Art Director from Unxd_nft (collaborated with brands such as D&G, Jacobs &co..) Concept created by Patoshi & Potalik

Are you a flipper or a holder? Doesn't matter because both are praised in our project. We implemented a rewards system as part of our utility so members can remain within our ecosystem even if they flip our NFT. The more you flip the higher your tier.

Our rewards credits can be redeemed for: gift cards, vouchers(flights, hotels), USDT, and potaLOTTO tickets (all prizes will be funded by PotaDAO treasury)

Other utilities include: Global events, Priority WL for collabs, our subcollections & husl land sale, Private alpha discord access, Networking oportunities, Early access to our nft marketplace, Exclusive merch, and many more TBA.

Hot potadough is an innovative project and a proof of concept to show to NFT space that rewards for flipping are necessary in order to create a sustainable and ever growing movement. Flippers are the backbone of every project and deserve to be rewarded rather than being scrutinized.

We are building the HUSLRS Market, an NFT marketplace supporting multiple chains (Layer0) with flipping tools, social NFT profiles, leaderboards for top Flippers and Hodlers, copy nft trading, launchpad and a sleek U.I.

We are the first omnichain UTILITY NFT, thanks to Layerzero Labs solution we are able to get wider reach on various marketplaces and to have one collection transferable across various chains/layers.

Current blockchains supporting Layerzero : ETH, BSC, AVAX, FTM, MATIC, OPTIMISM, ...   and soon will be supported by SOL, TERRA, and COSMOS.

We are real degens offering real utility. Discord is private, access to WL approved & members only.

Try your luck with our WL raffle, May the HUSL be with you *hint- password to get access to our raffle is on our twitter Pinned message

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