Homeless Friends

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June 28, 2022 – July 05, 2022





Homeless Friends is more than your standard NFT project. Homeless friends is seeking to help those in need, those that are struggling, and those that simply are unable to or do not have the resources to help themselves. By owning an NFT in the Homeless Friends collection, you become a friend to the homeless.

**Benefits of owning a Homeless Friends NFT** 1) First and foremost you are giving back to a community suffering from homelessness. Your purchase of a Homeless Friends NFT will help people in need. (20% of mint and 30% of yearly royalties will be provided to homeless charities, projects, foundations chosen by the community.) 2) Unique Custom Smart Contract that provides lifetime royalties to the original minter. Meaning every time the NFT is resold the original minter will be provided with a percentage of the sale. Example: - George mints (purchases) a homeless friend NFT #55 on mint day. - George sells Homeless Friend NFT for $1000 to Cindy - George receives 5% royalty back or $50 - Cindy sells Homeless Friend NFT #55 to Bob for $10,000 - George receives 5% royalty from sale or $500 - Bob sells Homeless Friend #55 to Greg for $100,000 - George receives 5% royalty from sale or $5000 3) Gas Optimized ERC721a Smart Contract. Gas fees to buy and resell your homeless friend will be MUCH lower than older ETH contracts. 4) Free mint of 2nd collection Homeless Youth. Provided exclusively to 1st collection Homeless Friends holders. (50% of royalties will be provided to homeless youth charities annually) 5) $1,000 in ETH giveaway to 10 lucky winners (must reach 75% sold) 6) Collabs and giveaways with other projects for whitelist (private sale) spots. 7) Easy access whitelist for 1st collection Homeless Friends holders for the 3rd collection of Homeless Mommas. 30% of mint and 50% of yearly royalties will be provided to mothers struggling with homelessness. 8) Launch of unique 1/1 homeless friends collection (Homeless friends will be gathering real life stories from individuals struggling with homelessness around the world. We will turn these individuals into unique characters. 50% of proceeds from the sale of each characters will be provided to the real human in some manner (TBD) )

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