High Unicorns

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February 28, 2022 – March 07, 2022





High Unicorns is an NFT based Unicorn, they also hold a special ability. Every Time a High Unicorns NFT is sold on the initial contract mint sale, something special happens.

When someone mints a High Unicorns NFT, that person's wallet address gets added to a gift list. WHAT DOES BEING ON THE GIFT LIST MEAN??? Well, every mint starts a process where a Hodler gets randomly selected from the gift list and 10% of the NFT Cost is transferred to the person automatically. 

WHAT!!! Yeah, pretty cool, and the more you mint the more times your wallet address gets added to the list. But wait!!! That's not all!! When the very last High Unicorn is minted 1 person will receive the ultimate gift. 50% (roughly 505 ETH) of the entire contract's balance gets transferred to the selected person if the collection sells out in the next 20 days of launch.

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