Gridlock Solana NFT Giveaway

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November 03, 2021 – November 14, 2021



Gridlock, the newest, most secure crypto wallet app, is celebrating its upcoming integration with Solana by giving away a free NFT to the first 1000 people to sign up to the waitlist!

We have worked hard on providing a free app which combines the highest quality of crypto wallet security, and the easiest interface possible. Since our release in late September, the demand for new tokens and cryptos has been phenomenal and we decided to go one step further.

With a Gridlock wallet, you can ensure your crypto, and now NFTs, can never be stolen from you. Using advanced key splitting cryptography, pieces of your private key are distributed between your friends, AKA Guardians. These Guardians provide the highest form of protection, with none of the stress involved in traditional storage. They can even help you recover your account with a truly decentralized form of social verification - no more writing seed phrases on pieces of paper! The Gridlock app is, and will always be, free and easy to use.

Now, with Solana NFT support launching very soon, you will be able to store your NFTs in your pocket. Show off those sweet money-makers wherever you are and rest easy knowing they cannot go anywhere without your permission. Join us in celebrating the integration of Solana on the Gridlock app by spreading the word and joining our waitlist. We're sharing the joy, because what's better than NFTs in your pocket? Free NFTs in your pocket! Gridlock will have an NFT viewer for both 2D and 3D models that will fit seamlessly into your wallets tab. (the shared image is the blueprint for a 3D Gridlock playing card NFT)

All you need to do is sign up to our waitlist, download and set up the Gridlock app and wait for the drop to receive your free NFT!

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