Green Rabbit

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May 14, 2022 – May 21, 2022





Own your own piece of Nanotopia in the 2D web game and collect fees every time a Forager uses your land to collect resources. Upgrade and maintain the land to make it more attractive for foragers and receive a higher yield!

Digital property ownership isn't exclusive to our 2D game. We will also offer Nanotopians a chance to own a part of the 3D metaverse we are building.

In the 3D metaverse you will be able to purchase and own exclusive properties, customize them to your liking and showcase your Armors!

Stake NFTs on a Green Rabbit Flash Drive and claim the Green Rabbit in-game token - Shellinium!

In true Green Rabbit fashion, we are giving our early adopters not just the apartments themselves but also a genesis decoration and one of four amazing companions to follow you around the HUB if you choose. 

Companion sizes and apartment compatibility

There are 3 sizes of companions - Small, Medium and Large. you can equip a small companion if you own a small, medium, large or penthouse apartment but you cannot Equip a large pet if you have a medium or small apartment. The Sloth and Griffin are both large companions, the Owl is medium and robot is small

Genesis Decorations

In each of the genesis apartment packs you will receive one of the 4 series 1 totem armors as an awesome golden statue as a decoration to add to your apartment. There is how ever a 1 of 1 golden samurai Albert in one of the packs for one lucky player.

Assemble your team of Foragers, send them on missions and collect valuable materials which will be used for crafting your Anima Armors, upgrades, repairs and more!

Once you have all the materials and resources, it’s time to first craft all the components of the Armor and then to fuse them into your own Anima Armor! Use it to explore the metaverse, race in the “Ultra Anima” races or participate in future Green Rabbit 3D games.

Participate in unique parkour style 3D races: run through varying landscapes, conquer obstacles, apply the right strategy based on your Anima Armor characteristics and become a legend on Nanotopia!

Enter the Green Rabbit metaverse social hub, Become part of the community, meet new people, discuss game strategies and more. Test your Anima Armor by competing in various mini-games and discovering hidden places inside the metaverse!

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