Ghoverse - Upcoming Ghost Hunting Metaverse

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December 01, 2022 – December 08, 2022





Upcoming Ghost Metaverse Game - Planets, Towns, Ghosts and Hunters. Please visit our website for our ghost paper and learn more. We just started and don't miss the chance of being in this awesome project that will live many years.  

GhoVerse is a P2E, web3 metaverse game with Blockchain, NFT and Token integration,  between planet and town owners, ghosts and hunters.

You must have Ghost and Hunter NFTs to play this game when it is live.  Also Ghost and Hunter NFTs will bring you Ghost Tokens when you play the game. These tokens then can be converted to money with using coin swap services.

The game offers fully procedural towns meaning each planet will be different. Each planet will have a maximum of 100 towns. These planets & towns will be sold as NFTs and owners will gain Ghost tokens(GHO) from these planets and towns every minute. The towns will be randomly distributed on that planet.  When a new Ghost Town NFT is minted, it is placed on the planet to any random empty area. The town owner starts earning tokens/minute until his/her town is invaded by ghosts. Town owners also share the revenue generated by the planet entrance fees. Town must be cleared from the ghosts to produce income.  Please read more from our ghost paper found on the website.

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