Gen-X NFTs: The VIP Collection

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January 28, 2023 – February 04, 2023





What Is Gen-X NFTs: The VIP Collection?

A VIP collection of retro pop culture art that doubles as your exclusive membership to an online + IRL community, powered by nostalgia + a love of the 80s. We’re here to usher 65M+ Gen-X 80s kids (and those who wish they were) into Web3, using education + core memories from childhood. 

So, whether you were a brain... an athlete... a basket case... a princess... or a criminal – there’s a Gen-X VIP just for you.

789 NFTs @ .25 ETH Each
Minting January 28, 2023

  • 3 NFTs+ For The Price Of 1 - along with a VIP, you'll get a Free Mint Of 2 Planned Future Gen-X NFTs Collections already in the works (Summer Break and Class Reunion) + Ongoing Airdrops, all to build value + enhance the ongoing narrative of your goats (each airdrop will have variations and VIP holders always get the best/rarest one)
  • Brand Partnerships with epic 80s brands + top-tier Web3 companies/platforms
  • Chance to own 30 completely hand drawn ultra-rare 1:1s that are Parody Throwbacks To Epic 80s Moments. See if you can collect all 2, 3 or 4 of our related “Flights” of these (collecting them all might yield a special surprise!)
  • Unlimited Access to the Gen-X community, including all educational resources + Free Online/IRL Events, along with token gated VIP Discord Channel + VIP Holder Role
  • VIP Allowlist for our Genesis NFTs mint (Q2 2023)
  • Custom VIP-Only Traits
  • Chance to mint 20 Mystery NFTs you can burn, in exchange for your very own custom hand-selected goat from all available traits 
  • Multiple Planned Revenue Streams from providing non-holders access to our educational platform, limited edition merchandise + creation of a transmedia brand around our IP, including retro themed projects in the vein of Saturday Morning Cartoons + After School Specials
  • Founded by a team with a Combined 40+ Years’ Experience at the highest levels in the tech, media + entertainment industries
  • The collection has already been a featured story on NBC Nightly News, Buzzfeed + MSNBC

Why Gen-X?

Gen-X – the generation born between 1965-1980 + sandwiched in-between the Boomers and Millennials – wields the most cultural power, founded more than half of the start-up companies in America and created the freakin’ internet. Our music rocks, our movies rock + our style rocks!

But we’re being left out of the Web3 conversation – by both Web3 brands + Web2 brands entering the space. 

It’s time to change all that. 

Isn’t it time there’s finally an NFT for our generation? 

Let's embrace the identity that defined us + show the Metaverse who the real grown-ups in the room are. 

We are Gen-X.

We take no sh*t. 

This is our NFT. 

How Many NFTs Will Be Available To Mint?

There are 789 NFTs in the VIP Collection. These will be offered to Premint raffle winners, a limited number of giveaways + select partner communities.

70 NFTs will be held back and stored in the Gen-X vault. Our plan is to use these for our team, giveaways + future marketing partnerships.

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