Future Kicks - Digital & Physical Sneakers

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May 04, 2022 – May 11, 2022





With Future Kicks, we bring Wokecustoms’ years of experience in sneaker customisation to the thrilling new frontier of the metaverse. We focus on innovation and creativity, benefiting from the open-ended potential of the metaverse in crafting collections of digital sneakers that can be rocked virtually.

Web3 promises limitless creativity, enabling us to be more progressive than ever as we design sneakers with shifting colorways, dynamic elements and nothing thrills us more than the ideas we’re pushing. There is a bigger purpose to be discovered and we welcome you to join us in discovering it.

"The New Frontier" collection consists of 555 digital sneaker NFTs spread across 4 designs + 4 rarities featuring an ever-expanding range of real and virtual utilities combined with physical sneaker pairs.

Each digital sneaker will be sold as an NFT and can be later redeemed. By redeeming, the owner will get a new physical sneaker pair while still keeping the NFT.

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