Fuddy Dogs

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July 01, 2024 – July 08, 2024


Magic Eden



A collection of the Fuddiest dogs, with Victorian-era inspired traits.

Fuddy Dogs will become among the most vibrant and active communities on Solana, with expertly crafted art, and the most PFPable color palette.

Our vision includes kicking off the IP by leveraging the PFP style art further, creating full model art for every NFT.

  • Downloadable HD full models available for each NFT
    Each Fuddy will be able to download their HD full model character, showcasing Fuddy in all of his/her glory(non-nft)
  • 3D Fuddy models
    The Fuddy 3D model will be sculpted, rigged, and optimised for use in Unreal Engine prior to the mint. Bringing Fuddy to life is at the forefront of our vision. As collectors, seeking to go beyond the PFP is something we strive for.
  • Creator Suite(3D Fuddy animations and poses)
    A token-gated creator suite, allowing holders to create their own animations, poses, and short Fuddy videos, packed into a clean, and simple-to-use UI.
  • $wtf
    wtf. token allocation to Fuddy holders.

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