BNV x Apecoin

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May 24, 2024 – May 31, 2024





This special G2 wearable was crafted for Ape Style Battle Royale(ASBR) by BNV x Apecoin as seen in AIP-353 authored by BNV.

Crafted and worn by the mysterious boss figure that controls everything in ASBR, any contestant that owns the ASBR G2 will get surprising advantages in the many rounds of battle including but not limited to having access to exclusive items that will help them stand out in the voting periods on Twitter, automatic immunity or even revival as return challengers and more.

This G2 will provide you significant advantages such as a chance to get a direct pass to round 2(28 lucky holders) and unlock extra stylish wearables to make you look cooler to have a higher chance to win the 25,000 $Ape prize pool(now worth nearly $50,000 USD).

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