Fat Boys

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January 31, 2022 – February 07, 2022





Fat Boys are a collection of 8000 algorithmically generated blubber boys stored as ERC-721 tokens living on the Ethereum block chain. Each Fat Boy is unique, ownership of a Fat Boy grants you access to the Fat Boys Dining Society. a members only club with access to the Fat Boys investment fund, private events and voting rights in our DAO.

The Dining Society is an invite only club where your Fat Boy(s) doubles up as your membership. We will be hosting events across the globe with the world's most renowned chefs. This will give holders the opportunity to network with other Fat Boys and discuss upcoming proposals for the investment fund.

In today's market, utility is key to the success and longevity of a project. Influencers are cool but they bring no actual utility to the project, meaning 90% of them will go to zero once the hype-train has reached its last stop.The Fat Boys investment fund will be a community-run platform where holders can create investment proposals and vote on the use of the treasury; all decisions will be voted on by the  DAO. We will start by seeding the treasury with 50 ETH, after that royalties from secondary market sales will be sent here. 

Proposals and Profit splits

Ownership of 3 Fat Boys or more will allow you to create investment proposals to be decided by the DAO. If the proposal is successful, the author will receive 5% of profits.


20% of profits will be redistributed to members monthly.

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