Extraordinary Whales Club

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January 20, 2023 – January 27, 2023





We are excited to announce that we are preparing to launch "Extraordinary Whales Club" project to give courage and dreams to many other Woo Young-Woos around the world and to share, enjoy and create with global Woo Young-Woo’s fans.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo, a lawyer with autism spectrum disorder, is giving hope and courage to many people around the globe. It is none other than the many whales that always give strength, courage, and sometimes flashing ideas to Woo Young-Woo's somewhat difficult life.

"Extraordinary Whales Club" is a social NFT project that aims to go beyond mere digital collectibles—collection holders can share, help, and participate with the community.

Watch 2 Earn SBT - Screena is a decentralized preference certification project specializing in content. Users can watch content on platforms such as Netflix and YouTube and commemorate their viewing records with soulbound tokens. All holders who purchased the PFP sold by Crypto.com can get a special soulbound token that certifies they are true fans who have finished watching Woo Young-woo’s drama.

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