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November 20, 2023 – November 27, 2023





My whole life, I have never felt like I've belonged- at school, in my family, in the art world, on teams I've been on- it's been a constant struggle. I question my role here as a sentient being, my role in my body, my role in society- my role as a person in general. Nothing ever makes sense to me. The past few years have been an absolute mental nightmare for me, both personally and professionally. I am a caregiver to someone who is extremely mentally abusive. The only way I know how to communicate and explore how I feel is through art. In this series, I wanted to take full control of the image. Unlike my other photos that all contain real models, I wanted to be able to create the model by hand for this series, to further add my emotional state into my work. I carefully chose the expression, the body structure, and the color of the character, as well as the environment. I appreciate everyone who views my work- it helps me heal and get through each day.

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