ETH THUGS Drop! Gas Free Minting

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October 01, 2021 – October 05, 2021





ETH THUGS is a gang of thugs taking over the block(chain)! They are unique in style and attitude. A game tie-in will be released in 2022!

What keeps ETH Thugs apart from the rest? Rarity & Exclusiveness. This is an early project and the project aims to build the community around ambassadors of the ETH Thug universe. Due to that, we will not release a public sale of 10,000 ETH Thugs... or even 5,000 ETH Thugs... or even 1,000... How many Thugs will be minted on the public sale you ask? Only 69! Pretty nice amount if you ask me!

Future gangs of thugs will be released in a similar fashion, small and exclusively. The idea is to increase the value of each NFT collection with each new drop, not just release 10,000 into the wild and disappear!

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