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The Eternumland project aims to create the first funeral home based on blockchain technology, with the ambitious goal of connecting all sectors and professionals revolving around this delicate but essential sphere. At the same time, it is intended to sublimate the memory of the dearly departed, reserving for each user an exclusive space within a metaverse, where the entire family tree of the family, accompanied by memories, video and photographic material, writings and testimonies for the preservation of memory for posterity, in the security and eternity of the Blockchain. In an increasingly digital age, the intent is to offer new ways to honor and cherish the memory of loved ones.

The GENESIS NFTs collection is the first piece of the ETERNUMLAND and offers owners of the digital assets the opportunity to be an active participant in the development of the first funeral agency based on blockchain technology and obtain exclusive benefits throughout the realization of the preset goals. Holders of each GENESIS NFT are entitled to an exclusive space within the metaverse; each NFT represents a seed that will symbolically be sown within the dedicated digital space to give rise to a large family tree where each branch represents and cherishes the memory of a loved one. The idea of introducing the creation of trees instead of classic graves, fits with the concept of innovating the experience of departure, enriching it with a kind of digital immortality in a context of increasing connection between the physical and etheric planes. Additional benefits of holding a GENESIS NFT are. represented by the possibility of staking and minting one (1) token ETERN (ETRN) per day for each NFT held, until January 17, 2028, the deadline for minting NFTs from the GENESIS collection. Last but not least, but no less important, indeed, focal point for choosing to share in the ETERNUMLAND project is the participation in the redistribution of company profits, which in the extent of 30 percent of the total will be divided proportionally among the owners of the digital assets.

NFTs can be purchased and staked through our dapp for more information you can visit, download the whitepaper and read the tokenomics.

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