Estillo Szn 2

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September 18, 2023 – September 25, 2023





Nigerian based artist Xeus is proof of the reach and opportunity an artist can create in the web3 space. From a government where poverty, inequality, corruption, and terrorism are rampant, Xeus saw digital artwork as a means to creating a better life for himself and those around him. Since then, Xeus has done just that, captivating audiences globally with his stylized visuals and signature swagger.

Xeus continues to break barriers as he debut’s “Estillo SZN 2”, a digital fashion collection. Collectors of each artwork from his “digital look book” will receive the Limited edition “Estillo Szn 2” Tee. Collectors will also gain access to preview and purchase apparel for “Estillo Szn 3”

Estillo SZN 2 stands as a digital fashion masterpiece meticulously crafted by the visionary artist, Xeus Imagery. This extraordinary collection, eight months in the making, bears witness to an arduous journey encompassing a myriad of fashion drafts and profound statements. It is the first of many barrier-breaking Web3 clothing drops from up and coming Nigerian creative, Xeus Imagery.

At its heart, SZN 2 revolves around two defining elements: the compelling character, "Xeus," and the all-encompassing "Estillo Verse." Xeus, a character ingeniously fashioned in the likeness of the creative genius behind it all, Xeus Imagery, serves as the alpha and omega of this captivating universe.

This season emanates the pulse of urban fashion, but the path forward promises a kaleidoscope of diverse clothing styles, each uniquely defining its identity. Estillo SZN 2 is more than a collection; it is a living, breathing testament to creativity, an odyssey through the realms of fashion and storytelling, inviting you to step into an immersive and evolving world.

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