Epoch Time Art Collection Launched!

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September 24, 2021 – September 27, 2021





The EPOCH TIME ART Collection launched September 19, 2021, on Opensea and ends soon!

Original collection by artist Epoch(mr_epoch). All works are generated by code solely written by the artist.

No Photoshop, no drawing programs, etc. Only handwritten code. This is NOT A.I.-generated art. Even the artist's signature on each piece is generated by code. All coding languages used are ones that are free and will run in any browser.

Each work is generated by the unique Epoch value for a certain day. Colors are determined by the Epoch Time value for a date. Only ONE geometric shape is used to create each piece.

Besides the Epoch value, the artist adds one value to each work. The year of his birth. That is how he digitally "signs" each piece.

This technology will be gone eventually, but the artist wanted to show what could be done with it. Besides creating art he also wants to preserve some history.

Tags: #art

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