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July 31, 2022 – August 07, 2022





 We are the Encrypt Club. Our team contains a lot of talented, ambitious and young individuals who are trying to do some ground-breaking things in the future. The first project of ours called Encrypt Nft Project, in which you will be able to buy your Nft watches.  9999 pieces altogether!

- 6000 Basic

- 3000 Rare

- 999 Super Rare

The last piece will go out for auction and the sums received will go for a non-profit organization!

Why watches?

After the COVID-19 pandemic we have realized that timepieces are great investment possibilities. The idea came from this fact, so after the appealing of the web3.0 we have started to make the tokenized versions of the real life watches. Watches have a real value in life, so why won’t they have a real value in the online space? We can assure you that our NFT watches will be as lucrative as the tangible ones in our world! 

What are the main differences from other projects?

Firstly, most of the projects focus on the artwork and the artwork only. We are providing much more than that: for example our entokens.

Secondly, we have seen some projects which after the sold out just hang… they don’t want to continue the activity with the community and try to achieve something big, because their priority was just the money. But we, on the other hand, are going to start our “real” activities after the sold out!

From the income, we are going to develop a new method of authentication and planning to be a new and stable company in the global tech industry. We know, our goals are really distant yet, but as I mentioned earlier, ambition is in our blood.

How can you get your entokens?

The NFTs will stake them and you will be able to get them per week, based on our hold-to-earn system.

What are the entokens good for?

Good question, isn’t it? Entoken will be the only digital currency of our authentication platform and it will get you extra features in our future projects. You can find more informations about future plans here.

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