DumbPixel The Anime Drop

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March 09, 2022 – March 14, 2022





Release 3: The Anime Drop


Naruto: The Sharingan Pixel
One Piece: The StrawHat Pixel
Attack on Titan: The Titan Pixel
Dragon Ball Z: The Goku Pixel
One Punch Man: The Saitama Pixel
Death Note: The Death Pixel
Dragon Ball Super: The Beerus Pixel

The dumbest pixel on the internet?

Hey, you! Wanna buy another jpeg of this cool ape? it's different this time I promise! There's only a trillion in existence!

No, thanks! Where's the originality? it's time for something different.

No this isn’t apes, lions, doodles, or mutants, it’s just one bloody pixel. But then again - a pixel is everything, even you, yes you, are staring at pixels, all clustered together to show you a website on pixels. inception? No, we don’t have the licensing for that. but what we do have is pixels.

Perhaps even the dumbest pixel on the internet!

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