Dogey Shiba Farts

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December 03, 2021 – December 03, 2021





In a world of rote jpegs of pixilated repetitiveness, where algorithms generate rarity to derive the implied value of a still, boring, and fartless portrayal of what hopes to become the latest hot trend, introducing Dogey Shiba Farts, a collection of 69 unique and handcrafted animated GIFs ready to stink up the NFT scene. 

We’re not sure what was eaten, but these farts have personality! Watch the emission come to life in glorious, crop dusting splendor, bringing a smile to your face and a tear to your eye (it might be from joy)! These farts are an answer to the call: “More fart NFTs, please!”

Each purchase unlocks a high-resolution image of your Dogey Shiba Fart, without the animation aspects, for use as your profile picture or for when a simple, non-animated image is preferred!

Tags: #art

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