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October 01, 2021 – October 05, 2021






October 3 @ 08:00 EDT

Welcome to Doge Fight Club, a Doge-inspired fight club where members create meaningful friendships and share their passion for collecting NFTs, contribute to the future direction of art collections, and gain firsthand access to future drops. This includes pre-sales of second and third Doge Fight Club NFT collections drops along with comic series releases.

At Doge Fight Club, we're striving to take member-driven comics to the next level. We believe Doge Fight Club artists should interact with community members as the story progresses. Now with the help of a passionate NFT community, our members will be able to be part of the artwork and comic creation process. The Doge Fight Club comic and collectible NFTs is the beginning of a joint endeavor towards directly funding artwork you want to see.


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0% - Collection 2 is currently in development with Collection 3 on the way! Keep up with our community on Discord to be the first to learn our release, presale, and launch dates!
20% - We will be hosting a derivative artwork contest and curation process to support up-and-coming artists.
40%. - Community Development - $25,000 will be deposited to the community wallet for ongoing community development.
60% - No one wants to pay transaction fees. Our no-fee NFT marketplace development begins!
80% - Community Development - $50,000 will be deposited to the community wallet for ongoing community development.
Bonus 1 - Podcast: Doge Fight Club University
Bonus 2 - Deflationary - Creation of the Octagon allowing members to combine two Doge Fighters


The Doge Fight Club team consists of seven team members, each contributing to their areas of expertise in artwork design, technical development, community management, and marketing. For more information please take a look at our white paper.

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