Dodger NFT & Metaverse Whitelist Presale

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May 25, 2022 – June 01, 2022





Only for those who are seriously looking for a real Upcoming NFT Gem! Dodger NFT & Metaverse whitelist presale will be officially opened on 25.05.2022. Most active and serious members will be able to mint up to 3 Dodger NFTs of any rarity with 20% discount.

8,888 Dodgers will be minted on Ethereum Blockchain. The collection is definitely going to increase in price in the near future for the reason of superstrong and very rare Utility. The thing is that Dodger's team is preparing several online paid services to launch, mostly directed to NFT artists, creators and project owners.

By Dodger's Tokenomics, all NFT holders are legit shareholders of all Dodger's business. 80% of the profit will be distributed to all holders automatically through Dodger's smart contract.

Dodger business ecosystem will include Dodger Machine (paid tool for bulk generating and minting of NFTs), Dodger NFT Marketplace for any NFT project on Ethereum blockchain, and finally - Dodger Metavers with multiple Decentralized services, such as online games, play-to-earn and real economic games, study, dating, business, shopping and other opportunities for Dodger NFT holders.

Minting price of Dodger NFT depends on the level of rarity. There are 4 levels of Dodgers:

Lucky Dodger: 
Emission of 4300 NFTs; 
Price: 0,033 ETH; 
Shareholder of 0,005%.
Advanced Dodger: 
Emission of 2500 NFTs; 
Price: 0,053 ETH;

Shareholder of 0,008%.

Golden Dodger:
Emission of 1700 NFTs; 
Price: 0,074 ETH; 
Shareholder of 0,012%.
Magic Dodger: 
Emission of 388 NFTs; 
Price: 0,289 ETH; 

Shareholder of 0,052%.

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