Disabled Youth Awareness Nft Collection

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November 27, 2022 – December 04, 2022



Disabled Youth Awareness is Charity DAO’s new NFT collection. The NFT collection design concept is to fuse each person of different physical defects with a variety of plants, suggesting the disabled person may bloom as strong as the beautiful flowers.

Why do we highlight young people with disabilities? Youth with disabilities are among the poorest and most marginalized of the world’s youth. Estimates suggest that there are between 180 to 220 million youth with disabilities worldwide. Nearly 80% of this segment of the population lives in developing countries.

How can you show your support for Disable Youth? We should take the time to learn about their issues and concerns. Let’s make an effort to include them in decisions that may impact their lives and help provide them with the power of choice! In fact, there are many ways we could show our support towards Disable Youth. Please support Charity DAO’s - Disable Youth Awareness NFT Collection, and show love!



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