Digi Caps

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February 17, 2023 – February 24, 2023





Digi Caps is an NFT Project offering more than just artwork! We've built an entire fictional world for our NFTs, a dystopian future where Bottle Caps are collected, Raiders fight in Tribe Wars and hunt for caps whilst keeping clear of any dangerous Beasts of The Dreadlands that lurk around.

There are amazing Cap Holder Bonuses rewarded to those collecting from the Crypto Cap Collection, Including free undercap NFTs, an exclusive Twitter group, a display case for your collected caps, a custom made cap, as well as having your character drawn/written into the story of The Dreadlands forever!

Beasts of the Dreadlands are also available to buy on OpenSea, and Digi Caps Raiders are to be dropped in the coming months of 2023. You can get a free  Raider by purchasing a Crypto Cap, and half price whitelist spots availble soon!

Last but no least, it's important to know that Paris Hilton herself owns a Crypto Cap! So jump on board this project while the sea is calm! You wont regret it, for we are building for the future!

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