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September 23, 2022 – September 30, 2022





What is Randombox NFT Event?

This event is your last chance to win Origin Derby NFTs for free for anyone who missed out. There will be 1,000 Randombox NFTs and it’s composed of following prizes.

- 1 Unique Horse NFT

- 199 Rare/Common Horse NFTs

- 800 Starter Pack NFTs

Community members will have 20% chance to earn Derby NFTs from the Randombox NFTs, one of which is a unique horse. On our third sale, All unique horses were sold for worth 20,000~50,000 USD. So try your luck to see if you are lucky!

800 Starter Pack NFTs can be exchanged for in-game items when the game launches. Those who use it will be able to gain some head start when the game launches.

You can sell your Randombox NFT without revealing on the NFT marketplace! You choose!

Note: Please note that we are using reserve horses for the event and the total supply of Origin horses have not inflated. There won’t be any additional Origin horses minted for this event.

Randombox NFT Event details

Randombox NFT Event Start Date: September 21st, 12:00AM UTC-0 ~ October 31st, 12:00 AM UTC-0

Mint Date: Early November (TBA)

Stage 1 — Winner list Mint:

Time: Early November; will last for 24 hours for all timezones (TBA)

Unit Price: Free

Volume: 1,000

Method: Private mint for winner listed members who won the ticket through participating various programs.

Quantity: Check winner list details below

Stage 2 — Public Mint:

Time: Early November; will last for 2 hours (TBA)

Unit Price: Free

Volume: Whatever is leftover from the private mint

Method: Public sale for anyone; FCFS

Quantity : MAX 1 per wallet

Mint price: Free

Redeem date : Early December

Mint & redeem platform : Oneplanet

Many of the existing Derby community members are familiar with Oneplanet Marketplace. For those who are new, we have worked with them since our second presale and they are one of our great partners in the web3 space. 

How to get a Randombox NFT?

There will be 1,000 Winner list ticket available to various members of the existing Derby Stars community and new community members looking for a fun game to play in web3. Opportunities to obtain a ticket will take place starting from September 21st to October 31st

If you want extra tickets, you can participate in twitter giveaway event, Partnership Program event (We’ll announce whenever partnership is confirmed)

The 1,000 Winner list tickets will be distributed in the following manner:

Community pool

Community Events : 95 Tickets

Winner list tickets will be given out to members who participate in our community events listed below! Find details on the art & meme contest on our Discord. These events will be hosted by our lovely moderator team.

- Art & Meme Contest: 20 Tickets

- Games: 55 Tickets

- AMA: 20 Tickets

- Holder Pool : 100 Tickets

Our community members from Terra has been through rough times for the last couple months. We will be handing out Allowlist spots exclusively to Derby NFT holders.

- Moderators : 25 Tickets

No explanation is necessary! Moderators help our community in more ways than we know.

- Enthusiasts Program : 30 Tickets

Enthusiasts are members of Derby Stars who the team believes embodies the ideal community member. They are aligned with our vision and help our community come together by guiding newcomers, sharing everything about horse traits, and much more!

Partnership pool

- Partnership Program : 600 Tickets

We believe partnerships are the key to thriving in this ecosystem. We have freemint ticket allocations for partnerships with other NFT and P2E projects along with influencers and ambassadors!

If you want to apply for a partnership, please submit a business ticket on our Discord.

*We are interesting in GamiFi community, Polygon Ecosystem partners, KOLs and gaming Guilds.

Public Pool : 150 ticket

- Twitter Raffle: 50 Tickets

We have several news during the event with some twitter giveaway.

- Raffle Pool : 100 Tickets

We are opening public raffle using gleam. No referral so that everyone has the same chance.

Please note that overall allocation of the allowlist may be subject to change. Also, make sure to follow our Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Medium to keep up with the most recent announcements and increase your chances!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask on our Discord!

Best of luck to everybody, and let the races begin!

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