Den of Dragons

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February 09, 2022 – February 16, 2022





Our project is a utility NFT project aiming its way into the metaverse

$EGG token release to holders 

We will be giving a certain amount of eggs for holding each day, the value of each egg is still up for discussion, for another day, but we will be adding a feature where holders will use the egg token to buy an EGG NFT. This will hatch into a 3D Dragon over time.

Holders will be rewarded the longer they hold. You will as well be able to use $EGG tokens to incubate and hatch these 3D dragons.

Rarity and Traits will depict what makes yours special.  

With future partnerships with some million to billion $ companies and being different and allowing mint to not only be on ETH but as OHM. Our project mindset is to make a difference and with endless possibilities with dragons we can make this work.


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