Delorean Bot

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February 01, 2023 – February 08, 2023








Blockem is an NFT trading information system in web3.0 where users gets best trading information before trading in Bitcoin. So it is essential to BUY our NFT to get this information or you will no connect to restriction users area.

We offer all holders of the nft deloreanbot the possibility to access web 3.0 and have information on probably the best Bitcoin trading algorithm on the market. With the access traders will be able to see the trading positions (swingtrading) performed by the DELOREAN algorithm in Bitcoin. The cost of the NFT is $ 350 and can be purchased directly on our website: selecting the best payment method for the user:

Also they can send busd to the team's wallet, paying by visa, or buying the NFT directly at woonkly:

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