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February 18, 2022 – February 25, 2022





Danchi is a type of Japanese housing complex which I instantly fell in love with when I first came to Japan.

To share the Danchi aesthetic with the rest of the world I decided to put them into a 3D online world where anyone could freely jump into and experience the vibe.

The main idea is that only NFT owners can use it as a key to open the apartment door in the Danchi Metaverse.

Once you have it, you can personalize it and make it public so other people can visit it anytime even when you are offline just by ringing the doorbell.

Artists can promote their works by running exhibitions of artworks or playing videos for the target audience using old Japanese TV. The possibilities are endless.

The first pre-sale is planned for February 18.

The final number of units is limited to 150 NFT.

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