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January 28, 2022 – February 03, 2022





Cultiez is a project made by a team of crypto enthusiasts to make fun digital collectibles that we hope you all will love as much as we do. The Cultiez story is dynamic and decided by the vote of the community.

We have built a complete Cultiez metaverse that you can access with your Oculus or PCVR virtual reality headsets and get exclusive free access to the world of Cultiez when you own at least one of 7000 unique Gen Art NFTs.

The team of Darwins works hard to make sure the distribution is fair and transparent. We have daily giveaways such as Cash, NFT, and even Oculus devices. 

Our strong community of over 10k members would be happy to welcome you. Don't forget to get whitelisted as the team has recently opened up the fully booked whitelist for 500 more spots. Here are the links to the website and discord. 

Pre-sale for whitelisted accounts: Jan 28th at 5 pm PST

Public sale: Jan 30th at 5 pm PST

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