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January 07, 2023 – January 14, 2023







Crypto Otters is the first line of avatars for an upcoming Play to Earn game that will be the next big thing in Building, Socializing, and potentially even making money. 

10,000 unique otters are rising from the water, but only 1,500 are being selected for our Genesis sale. You don’t want to miss your chance to grab an avatar at a discounted price before they are all gone.

To be eligible to play our game when it comes out, players will need to have one of our avatars in their wallet. Players can own more than one avatar, but minimum required to play the game is one.

Each line of avatars will have their own stats and abilities in game.
Many players will want to collect at least one avatar of each line so that in game they can take advantage of the different abilities and advantages the different avatars might have.


What makes CryptoOtters different, is we aren’t just an NFT Project. We are building something bigger than just another play and earn game. CryptoOtters is an NFT project that will be used to fund the game.

Our game will include community interactions, guilds, solo and team tournaments, friends, and so much more. We are starting to slowly give out more leaks of aspects of the game.

The game is to be made as an escape from the real world. You come on here to upgrade your character, achieve rewards from quests, play with friends, and potentially earn from your grind on the game. Just like any video game, we want to reward you for putting time and effort into our game.

Many games out there are put out in a rush, they aren’t thought through for the long run. This project is going to be made with EXCELLENCE. Quality over Speed is what we are working towards.

We don’t just want a community that plays our game. We want a community of strong passionate holders for our project, that genuinely enjoy playing our game. We will be taking feedback from our beta testers (whitelists/OG Otters) very serious. We want YOU guys to feel like you are included in the development of the game. Your opinions and thoughts matter to us. We aren’t perfect in any way and don’t think of everything, we will be looking at your suggestions and opinions.

We aim to come out with a new, unique, jaw dropping game in the NFT space and even, outside of the NFTs space, that will change the way we see "play and earn" gaming. We aim to compete with big name video games, and it all starts with our Crypto Otters.

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