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January 20, 2022 – January 27, 2022





Enter the familyverse.

420 handmade gentlemen of 5 distinct rarities on Solana! The first building block of an amazing triple layer, evolving story. 

Presale of limited, unique, 1-time rarity gents with Live Community Game : 15.01.2022

Official Launch with Live Community Game: 20.01.2022

The collection was made with a simple rule in mind : Community above all. Long-term vision is to form a roadmap which will be heavily influenced by the opinions and suggestions of the investors.

Simultaneously the ultimate goal is for everyone to have fun while investing. This is why there are a lot of community events, freebies, physical items and games upcoming.

Last but not least equality in the cryptospace is becoming more and more important with time, so the community will decide on either fixed prices for presale and launch, or very low prices which will slowly increase from first to last batches.

The time to make an impact through your NFTs has come.  

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