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September 30, 2022 – October 21, 2022





Crypto Bunda is an original project created by the famous illustrators & founders of 'FIRE IN THE SPOOF' YouTube channel | 80k+ Subs! 

Based in London, the team have brought something fresh and original to the NFT world. The project not only praises women in the film and music industry, with special NFTs dedicated to well-known female characters but also celebrates the woman's body.
Sitting on the Ethereum Blockchain, Crypto Bunda is releasing 6000 hot bunda NFTs, drawn and patterned in-house at the FITs headquarters by Lead Illustrator and co-founder of FITS 'Rich'

Lead Animator and co-founder of FITs 'Fee' explained their vision when making these NFTs, he said "we are new to the NFT world however, we see NFTs everywhere, Rich and I wanted to bring something different to the table and just have fun with it. We are not promising any utility or trying to compete with other collections, we simply love to draw and animate and wanted to explore a new medium where we can showcase our skills and build a community 

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