Crypto Birds Cafe

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November 06, 2021 – November 13, 2021






After Years and years of hunting bread crumbs off the floors of cafes and bars, peeking and looking over their shoulders, being always on the lookout and running for their lives, Finally, They decided to get together and create their own cafe, The Crypto Birds Cafe!

Serving the best quality bread crumbs from all over the world. All the birds from different races and origins are welcome here! Join their community, to hear the story of how they got it done! And to hear each of their unique stories, and of course to tell yours.  

The Vision:

The main goal is to promote and enable unrecognized artists to get out there in the world without fear. apart from the future Game and Merchandise, we will have an Art Cafe where everybody can join and exchange ideas art, and NFTs!

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