Croke Evolving NFT

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May 14, 2022 – May 21, 2022


Ebisu’s Bay



We are a Cronos-based NFT project aiming to raise awareness on the dangers of drug abuse, while supporting organizations fighitng for the same cause!

We will have unique sets of NFTs portraying the transition from Snorter-to-Sober. Starting off as casaul snorters (like in sneakpeek), most will evolve into the Addiction phase, and only a smaller portion will successfully evolve to the Sober phase. We hope that this send the message of how difficult it is to get clean once you start taking drugs - even casually!

NFT staking will be possible as well, with 2x multiplier for evolution 2 and 3x multiplier for evolution 3 NFTs. 

Finally, $25k will be donated to a rehabilitation center voted on by our DC community at 25% mint! 

Come join us now and open a ticket to be on tomorrows WL mint! Simply take a screenshot of this post and send it to us in a ticket to secure your spot!

WL/Presale Mint: 200 CRO (May 11th)

Public Mint: 350 CRO (May 12th)

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