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June 19, 2024 – July 19, 2024







Crap Memes is a generative art collection, celebrating and gently poking fun at meme coins and PFPs. With 3069 individual characters, think of it as a slightly rubbish idea generator for your next Web3 project.

Following on from Opensea’s wildly successful ‘Get Based’ campaign - this collection is launched on Base, affordable and rich in meme content. We very much hope this might be your first PFP acquisition on Base.

Crap Memes is the brainchild of artist King Overman, who couldn’t resist having a joke with generative NFTs, by taking aim at the Web3 world- the copycat ideas, bad art and constant self-promotion.

All characters are hand-drawn on paper, mixing random and surreal humour with a few classic memes too. Each of the 3069 unique PFPs has their own three word name, conveniently hand-written on the artwork itself. The various layers have different rarities and traits such as 'based', 'rizz', 'chill', 'bonafide' and many more.

This project is brought to you in association with CompatibleCreative. They are a UK based agency led by Sebastian Markiewicz, enabling artists and musicians to become involved in Web3.

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