Cosmic Wildlife Season 2

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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022





Marmath NFT & Cía.® - Art & Design® Presents, Cosmic Wildlife - Season 2 Marine life Collection 2022   Cosmic Wildlife, collection 2022 Marmath NFT & Cía.®  

We go where no photographer has gone before to bring you never-before-seen artistic quality images of our marine life, interesting photo shots designed with an underwater cosmos effect.  

The images are subject to copyright, they are the legitimate property of Marmath NFT & Cía.® - Art & Design®

The collection is made up of 100 items. Each item has a sale value of 0.0175 ETH. Blockchain Polygon.

Coming soon, Season 2 release, scheduled for March 1, Cosmic wildlife - Season 2 Marine life

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