Cooperverse Project

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November 24, 2022 – December 01, 2022





It began Nov 21st 1971. 1 man pulled off the most memorable heist in human history. Now he's getting ready to enter the metaverse. 4444 blockchain bandits are coming with play to win games coming only for holders!

24th November 1971 DB Cooper stole $200,000 from the US government and got away with it. Our mission is to indirectly return this money to the people who are innocent and incarcerated in the US prison system.

50% to 33% of all royalties will be donated to the Innocence Project until we hit our goal or $200,000. At this milestone the community DAO will decide what they would like to happen to the royalties. We hope as a community we can work together and put these funds towards a good cause.

If we make it to our goal, then we have achieved greatness and helped a worthy cause that is truly deserving. If we don’t then we will make sure we have had a blast trying and will have at least contributed something.

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