Micro Ion Racecars

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May 18, 2023 – May 25, 2023







The Micro Ion Racecars NFT Collection by Eye of Unity Games is an exciting new collection of 20000 non-fungible tokens (NFT) racecars for blockchain gamers. With 50 different colors to choose from, this collectible series is designed to give you a fun and immersive experience that takes you from the virtual world into the real one. In addition, this collection contains a single-player mobile tap racing game that allows you to race your cars around various tracks in different conditions

Every car in the collection is unique and represents its own valuable asset on the Polygon Blockchain, with some cars being extremely rare and hard to find. The true value of these cars lies in their ability to join online multiplayer races hosted by Eye of Unity Games' official Micro Ion Racing Game. Players can use their cars to compete against each other in online tournaments, creating new levels of excitement as they strive to be crowned champions. Additionally, once the Micro Ion Racing Game has been funded, players will also be able to race on new racetracks such as those never seen before!

As a way of further enhancing this incredible gaming experience, Eye of Unity NFT Arcade has also released several limited edition cars that can only be earned if players win at certain events or tournaments - adding even more incentive for players all over the world to join the action! Whether you’re looking for a fun way to show off your collections or an engaging way of competing against like-minded people from across the globe, this Micro Ion Racecars NFT Collection has something for everyone. Get ready for an adrenaline-packed adventure with Eye of Unity's latest creation!

Virtual Racing and the Micro Ion NFT Collection

This innovative new collection consists of 20000 racecar NFTs. What sets this collection apart from other NFT collections is that it includes 50 different colors of racecars and a single-player mobile tap racing game. It also has an online version of the game that allows for Multiplayer Racing events once the collection is minted and funded.

The idea behind this project was to bring a collectible racing experience to cryptocurrency enthusiasts in a new virtual world. The 50 colors of cars are distributed randomly throughout the collection, making each one unique. Additionally, there are multiple racetracks across different zones, which will be opened up as the game progresses. Players will have access to special abilities and boosters to customize their racecar, giving them an edge over their competitors. In addition to being able to buy and trade these cars within the game, players can also use them in tournaments with prizes up for grabs! Furthermore, they can participate in organized races or create their own custom races if they so choose. This flexibility makes it easy for anyone - even those with no experience with crypto projects - to enjoy playing and trading in the game.

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