Chromatic Sun Ranch

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November 25, 2021 – December 02, 2021





Announcing Chromatic Sun Ranch!

Launch, 10xGiveaway, and Presale on OPENSEA

NOV 22 – 555 preminted to OPENSEA. 555 will be on opensea! Explore the collection and make offers on any that are still owned by Chromatic Sun Ranch creator wallet. We are accepting all offers on NOV 25th

NOV 25TH – All Best Offers Accepted ($2 opensea min)

NOV 26 1201am (ET) Mint goes LIVE on 

MINT Price Structure

First 1000 Mint at 2 Matic (1555 Total)

Next 1000 Mint at 4 Matic (2555 Total)

Next 1000 Mint at 8 Matic (3555 Total)

Next 1000 Mint at 16 Matic (4555 Total)

Next 1000 Mint at 32 Matic (5555 Total)

Total Supply is 5555 Plus (1) Promo air drop on opensea

2xGiveaways per day. Enter on twitter or insta @moimenta_one

Chromatic Sun Ranch is a new generative art collection inspired by scifi, fantasy, nature, and nft art.

***5555 1/1 NFTs on the polygon blockchain.

***Over 200 original art layers including 16 character types. Layers include Head type, Headgear, Suit, Accessory, Eyes.

***Face and background colors/pattern chosen from over 50 choices.

***6 levels of rarity based on odds of draw and a speacial algorythm. The results are an exciting variety of layer combinations with multiple levels of rarity.

***Properties metadata included on opensea.

Each NFT Consists of 6 Layer and each layer has a Rarity Property.

-Common layer (Most Common)

-Uncommon layer (About 85% have at least 1)

-Rare layer (about 70% have at least 1)

-Legendary Layer (about 40% have at least 1)

-Mythic Layer (about 10% have at least 1)

-Epic Layer (about 3% have at least 1) (Most Rare)

All are welcome to participate in the Presale on Opensea:) and Launch Event

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