Chainers NFT Collection

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June 25, 2022 – July 02, 2022


Magic Eden



Ready to get in on the chainers nft action? First, you need to secure a whitelist spot. This will guarantee your chances of minting a chainers nft before the collection is sold out. But, how do you get started? You can follow the steps below:


Participate in raffles accessible on the event page https://chainers.Io/event-1

Follow chainers on twitter and complete all tasks posted there daily

Join chainers’ discord channel and get a higher chance of getting a whitelist spot 

The beautiful thing about our discord serverl is that you stand a chance to win a chainers nft and a few additional perks that will be added to the draw. With chainers, you can live your best web3 life as you decide what happens in your universe. 

Chainers is a crypto metaverse that is completely reinventing nfts. In this play2earn (p2e) chainverse, users can design their own environment, develop and compete with their own nft avatars to earn rewards. The chainers are a group of aliens and “ideal creatures trapped in a perfect world fully gripped by boredom.”

Chainers are looking to socialise, play, create, and have fun and have since escaped their boring universe on a rocket ship. Their destination is our galaxy, where they aim to socialize - play - create!

Now, you too stand a chance of becoming a chainer by following the steps highlighted above to get a whitelist spot.

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