Solana Analysis

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June 27, 2022 – July 04, 2022


Magic Eden



Solana Analysis aims to give the normal person a chance to keep up with everything going on around the Solana NFT space. As a holder of our Whitelist Pass, you will be eligible for 2-5 whitelist spots every week; these will vary from new upcoming projects to premium projects. 

This will save you an anonymous amount of hours, as well as with the Analytics pass you will each Sunday, receive a pdf consisting of five pages of market analysis. The analysis consists of new upcoming projects with high volume as well as projects that are new with high potential. 

The pdf will also consist of scraped data from google searches, trending niches, in depth market volume analysis, and much more to keep you up to date with the market by only reading for about 10 minutes. By buying our first whitelist pass, you will be guaranteed for a whitelist spot to the analytics pass. The whitelist pass consists of 100 passes and the analytics pass consists of 300 passes.

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