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August 06, 2022 – August 13, 2022





Carnie Town!

A limited NFT collection of whacky circus characters!

Carnie town is a story driven NFT collection created by the original 1/1 artist 
Crypto Carnies. 

Carnie Town used to be just your average circus until the accident. A massive toxic spill broke out and mutated many of the employees and circus goers. As everyone was in a state of panic the only safe haven seemed to be the sewer drains. Unfortunately this didnt turn out to be the best escape plan as the TOXIC OOZE followed them into the sewers. After a year of trying to avoid their inevitable fate the Carnies have re-emerged and are ready to re-build Carnie Town!

- Four Species -
Have emerged from the sewer drains

- Roadmap -

The Carnie Town creators plan to deploy interactive digital collectibles to the community and bring entertainment and life to Carnie Town!

the plans include:

  • Digital Coloring Book Airdrops
  • 3D Printable Toys
  • Carnie Town Animations/Cartoons

Their Plans are to build their own entertainment center to broadcast the fun for the Carnie Town Community!

They have also aquired an "Otherside Deed" in hopes to develop Carnie town into a place we can all visit and join in on the fun! 

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