Cardano Proxies

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April 23, 2022 – April 30, 2022





One of a kind generative art concept in a collection of 6000 High-fidelity artworks. inspired by Sci-Fi, nature, African culture and limitless creativity. A variety of 300+ attributes, individually crafted, with a connection to character. 

Proxies are six fearless, alluring women who start their journey on the Cardano blockchain. Covering 6 major missions: Art, Crypto & NFTs, Tech & blockchain, DAO, sustainability and philanthropy, they pave the way towards decentralisation and share their experience with the community. 

Together, they built a networking system - the Beehives, where each Proxie personifies the hive she is responsible for.


  1. Proxies initial launch of 500 NFTs

  2. Community and relationship building

  3. Holders verification

  4. $Proxie token release

  5. Community rewards airdrop 

  6. Main launch 4500 NFTs

  7. Discord tokens transfer system

  8. Artists launchpad roadmap & plan

  9. The sixth Proxie will be airdroped to 5 Proxies set holders

  10. Proxies’ Stakepool

  11. Cardano Environment Crews Support with NFTs & Utility

  12. Each specific Proxie will have its utility in the near future

  13. Token listing & liquidity on DEXes

  14. DAO establishment

  15. 3D spaces & Metaverse Interaction Exploration

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