cardano collector bills

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January 27, 2022 – February 03, 2022





cardano collector bills

·        10,000 unique works of art created by artamus.

·        three editions, gold, purple and gunmetal blue.

·        created to celebrate “the alonzo hard fork”

·        having great potential for high return on investment  

be one of the first to own one of these amazing collector bills.

the artist known as artamus has created these valuable pieces of collectorsart, to celebrate the launch of smart contracts on cardano, known as the “alonzo hard fork”. each piece also carries the signature of charles hoskinson the founding father of cardano making them must have pieces for all cardano enthusiast.

considerable thought and artistic interpretation has gone into the creation of these wonderful collector bills each bill is unique and has been  hand drawn and painted by artamus. for authenticity each bill carries the signature of artamus and has its own unique serial number.

the total collection of 10,000 bills has been split into three editions. 2,000 gold edition, 3,000 purple edition and 5,000 gun metal blue edition. each edition has three levels of rarity, legendary, epic and rare. also, there are elite and super elite special stamp bills randomly placed in all editions. please see our website for full details on rarities.

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