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March 16, 2023 – March 23, 2023









If you're a fan of pets, NFTs, and virtual reality, you're in for a treat! Calicoverse is an exciting new ecosystem that lets you interact with adorable Calico cats in a variety of vibrant and colorful virtual environments. 

Whether you're using the Calicoverse Application on your phone or Augmented Reality, you can take your digital pet companion with you wherever you go. But why stop there? With Virtual Reality, you can immerse yourself in a simulated environment and engage with the Calico population like never before. 

But Calicoverse is more than just a collection of digital pets; its a community-based ecosystem that includes a Calico government, utility providers, and everything you need in a simulated environment. Its a thrilling world where you can engage in games, purchase virtual lands, and interact with other Calicos. 

The initial Calico population is limited to 4,444 through the NFT public sale. Each Calico is unique and special, with their own set of traits that include Intelligence, Fur Coat, Eye reactions, Mood reactions, Shades, and Headwear. The intelligence of a Calico is represented by a three-digit value, with higher values indicating rare and highly intelligent Calicos! 

But the fun doesnt stop there! With the discovery of the Calico genetics, you can breed Calicos together to produce offspring with unique characteristics. These traits include Intelligence, Fur Coat, Super Powers, Speed, Health, and Special Skills.

The official currency within Calicoverse is the CALICO DAO token. You can use it to purchase goods and services within the ecosystem, including Hospitals, Saloons, Plazas, Restaurants, and Hotels. And as the governance mechanism, CALICO DAO Token allows you to vote and create infrastructure within the Calicoverse, such as community interaction and other exciting features!

Calicoverse offers a social model where you can engage in primary sector activities like farming, logging, hunting, fishing, forestry, and mining. You can sell goods and services within the community and transfer primary assets through NFT transfer. There are endless possibilities in Calicoverse!

In conclusion, Calicoverse is a vibrant and exciting world where you can immerse yourself in a simulated environment filled with cute and unique Calicos. Join the Calico community today and experience the joy of owning your very own digital pet companion!

Special Edition out now:

Special Edition Collection: 100

Special Edition Price: 0.0333 ETH

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