Butterfly Galaxies

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May 05, 2022 – May 12, 2022





Butterfly Galaxies NFT-E is a collection of 12,000 unique galactic butterflies on the ETH blockchain, mysteriously traveling from galaxy to galaxy on a quest to either colonize or bring restoration to the various worlds they manage to inhabit.

The purpose of this species is still unclear to our scientific community.  Holders of this NFT will be able to contribute to solving the mystery of the Butterfly Galaxies by adding to the STORYLINE, and thus, solve the mystery of the Butterfly Galaxies saga.  The NFT holder will be allowed to submit a 'theory' on a given topic.  The best ‘theories’ can be voted upon, chosen and listed as a ‘fact' or 'discovery’ in the Storyline.  The winning NFT holder(s) will be rewarded for their contribution.  Several theories will be chosen from several holders, so the rewards will keep coming.

Upon compilation of the storyline, this project plans to submit the script for creation in a sci-fi short story or sci-fi movie short, with the contributors, (the “fact finding” NFT holders) listed in the credits. So, be prepared for a sequel.

When the NFT collection is sold out, Butterfly Galaxies NFT-E will donate a portion of its proceeds to help support a Children’s Hospital.  The project will also support new and/or pre-existing humanitarian project involving water treatment, atmospheric water generators, water purification systems, desalination devices or soil treatments.  This project will work in concert with other humanitarian groups to help globally distribute these life-saving devices where needed.

You are now part of a greater cause…Welcome to the Butterfly Galaxies

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