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May 12, 2022 – May 19, 2022





We would like to create a virtual community and learn something about ourselves and our friends who have
gathered around our dear Buddha. Our goal is to create a sustainable story that will inspire both us and others
through fun, through sharing Buddha’s NFT adventures and in doing joint projects and collaborations. The whole
premise of our project revolves around the act of sharing. We share our enthusiasm for the project, we share
our art, and we give ourselves to this adventure called life, in both its physical and virtual form. From the very
beginning, the creation of Buddha has assembled and strengthened our team of friends and fellow scientists in
the field of social science. We are interested in creating a peaceful and secure community within a sea of virtual
trends that are known to be ruthless and superficial. We would like to achieve this by putting the enrichment of
a smaller number first, under the guise of creating affiliation. We do not know where this project will take us,
but the very thought of creating, making friends and contributing to the community gives us enough reason to
move forward with optimism.
What we do:
1. We are creating NFT art with our dear Buddha
- Our pictures are not artificially generated, but rather each one is crafted individually, with effort and love.
- Each piece of digitally created art is free. We will choose a member from the community with whom we will
share our art. The member can then create its value, whether they wish to share it with others, sell it, or simply
preserve it as a memory for sentimental value.
-Of course, our time and effort do create expenses and to cover them we take a royalty of 5%.
- The number of NFTs will be limited to 3333. Once we have reached that number, we, like Buddha, will retire
and observe the community which has been built and marvel at our work. What the future brings is uncertain,
just like everything in life.
2. We promote an honest and equal community
- The community has the final word about planning future projects
- Future profits will go to the costs of running activities related to people who are part of this project
(Development team, holders, supporters)
- Part of the funds will go to budget donations to associations that promote inclusion, mental health, and
spirituality – to whom the community decides.
- Once a year, if financial means allow it, a raffle will be organized - paid travel expenses to Asia for 2 people.
3. We are doing a scientific study on the topic of virtual interactions.
- Fellow sociologists involved in our project will monitor how our community grows, develops and in which
direction it goes.
- The goal is to see what will result from sharing NFT art
- The study data will be published after 2 years - each member of the community will have guaranteed
4. Calming and Better Sleep Supplements Project
- With our community members who are experts in the field of biotechnical science, we are developing a water-
soluble powder formula that will help individuals calm down and sleep better.
- Every member of the community will have the privilege of receiving free shipments of our products and
promotional prices

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