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November 25, 2022 – December 02, 2022





Broadside is a new culture, community and storyworld, purpose-built for web3. It begins with a decentralized tale of 7,290 anonymous heroes, coming with either cc0 or full commercial rights, each the star of their own story.

Mint one of 7,290 generative Broadside heroes.

Each with unique names, features and traits.

Including 1/1s, legendaries and rarity pulled from a total of 201 billion unique combinations Receive 11 Episodic NFTs telling the story of your specific character.

Free Mint (+ gas fees) your personal story, all of which is already written, with new art for each episode drop.

Episode NFTs will be dropped over the weeks and months after launch, with a few other in-world artifacts and surprises along the way too.

The Next Chapter: Merge and burn Episode NFTs into  a 1 /1 full book NFT.

Featuring your specific character with exclusive 1 of 1 art - with epub files of your character’s story so you can print / sell copies, including print-on demand options for physical copies.

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