Botarena: collect build battle

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April 25, 2022 – May 02, 2022



BotArena is gaming project on the Cardano blockchain, with an initial collection of 10.000 NFTs.

Each NFT represents a bot composed by 5 different parts (head, body, legs, two weapons).

Collect, build your team and battle! Every bot is unique, each part combination gives different abilities, stats and attacks.

A unique and exciting battle system which leverages the great variety in bot builds, their attacks, stats and different abilities.

For more details about the game have a look at the whitepaper:

Each bot has its own set of stats and abilities and can be a viable addition to the right team. This will encourage trading between players who want to build the team which best suits their strategies

While the initial iteration of the game consists in battles between two teams of three bots, we want to eventually provide alternative game modes, such as bigger (or smaller) battles, battles between multiple teams and best of three/five matches with bot substitution (changing team composition between battles will add a new strategy layer to the game).

We aim to create a decentralized game, with a rich environment and an engaged community, because of this we will ask and consider community feedbacks and suggestions with open arms! 

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